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    About Us

    WizCom Technologies is the world leader in providing tools and products for enabling and improving reading related activities. The company’s 25 language products with 30 proprietary databases have been customized for sale in over 35 countries.  Since the initiation of sales in mid 1997, over 800,000 products have been sold worldwide. WizCom Technologies is listed on the Prime Standard stock market in Frankfurt, Germany (WZM, IL 0010830706).

    WizCom continues to develop and manufacture unique, hand-held and user-friendly tools and products for enabling and improving reading related activities. Our  range of products  includes linguistic reading tools, devices for the reading disabled market as well as a product for personal data collection for the PC and mobile environment. The company’s product line is based on a unique amalgamation of linguistic, hardware and software expertise, including image acquisition and processing, which have been refined into unique applications for hand-held tools throughout the years of WizCom’s existence. The company believes that its distinctive blend of enabling technologies will continue to be an asset in the hand-held Electronic Learning Products arena.

    The WizCom line of products, targeted at reading related markets of all kind (linguistic, educational, reading disabilities), is sold through a network of regional partners. WizCom’s state-of-the-art technology and functional products position the company as a leader in the portable scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) markets. The company employs over 40 people worldwide

    For more information please visit our corporate website – www.wizcomtech.com